Advanced Doctrine cache in Symfony 2

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This post is essentially just a tip, but considering the great usage of the doctrine/cache library (now included in symfony/symfony-standard!) and the number features added by CEikermann/advcache, I think it could be really useful.

The tip is:

doctrine_cache.providers.test is a generic implementation of a doctrine cache, its name is based the predefined DoctrineCacheBundle naming system.

As you can see it’s pretty simple, but how does it work? What does it allow us to do? Which are pro and cons?  More

Some Symfony 2 practices

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In this post I want share some personal development practices used working with the Symfony 2 framework.

I’m not sure them are great or almost good practices, but I find them useful and if you want suggest me some cons about using them (or some pros using other practices), then thank you. :)  More

Documentation is code

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Finally I found a new argument, after months and months, and it’s the documentation.

In my priority list there’s always an initial point: the documentation, if it’s missing then the library isn’t so good as it seems. Why? Simply because we aren’t in the mind of the developer that works on that library. I know you understand and watch for it too. More

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